Antwerp (Belgium) 


The city of Antwerp is consciously choosing to lead by example and is already building to the Passive House Standard for all projects owned by the city such as with schools and day care centres. The city is now also steering the private market towards high-ambition projects in terms of sustainability. By formulating preconditions and procurement criteria in competitions and contracts, market possibilities are being explored and the bar is being raised. 


With its climate plan (2011), the city of Antwerp has committed to using energy and resources sparingly and sustainably. The region aims to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2050. For this to work, new developments must be quite ambitious in terms of energy and general sustainability in order to compensate for the limitations of existing buildings

Nieuw Zuid, a new, mixed residential quarter in the south of the city, is a prime example of the type of development being promoted. All of the buildings in this development are being designed to Passive House level, with a maximum heating demand of 15kWh/m² per year. Located between the Scheldt Quays and the Palace of Justice, this new residential quarter is currently under construction and will comprise 2,000 dwellings, offices and other amenities, as well as a large park. It is clear that new large scale developments will follow the example of Nieuw Zuid.


PassREg Success model - Antwerp, Belgium [pdf 1.6MB]

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