Burgas Municipality

Public authority / policy maker
8000 Burgas, Bulgaria



Beacon project: Burgas Art Gallery

8000 Burgas, Bulgaria

General description: Public Center - Art Gallery Bourgas The building consists of underground floor, ground floor, two floors and attic space. The design of Art Gallery in Burgas provides for the building to be with green roofs and vertical greenery of the facade. This will protect building structures from overheating. Because of its specificity the Building has a very small area with windows. The main part of the building is oriented to the south - there are the halls and offices. This will be the first building which will be designed and built according to the passive house standard. There will be used innovative methods to ensure air tightness and energy generation from their own renewable source. As a public building, it would be a good example and a basis for the policy of new buildings in the Municipality of Burgas. This project will be a valuable experience for both designers and the builders.
Building type and size: other
Energy efficiency and use of renewables:

Intelligent Energy Europe
Passive House Regions with Renewable Energies
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