IG Passivhaus Tirol

6020 Innsbruck, Austria


IG Passivhaus Tyrol was founded in 2002/2003 as a private initiative to spread the specific knowledge and awareness rising, make Passive House standard perceptible to the public and to communicate the long-term benefits in Tyrol to politicians, decision makers and other essential stakeholders. Meanwhile near to hundred members are representing competence in planning, engineering and constructing of nearly zero energy buildings.


Role PassRegs Project: Tyrol is one of Europe’s regions with the highest density of nearly zero energy buildings, one of Europe´s most “developed” regions in terms of energy efficient constructions in large scale residence and non-residence buildings. This outstanding position is owed not only to legal framework and stimulating incentives as a very attractive federal housing subsidy, but also to committed local actors, a story of success worth to analyze.


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