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Daycare centre "Im Wiesengrunde"

30657 Hannover, City of Hanover, DE (Front Runner region) , Germany
Contact Wohlfahrt, Matthias

(c) Vorrink-Wagner Architekten
(c) Vorrink-Wagner Architekten
(c) Fria Hagen
(c) Fria Hagen






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General description

The new daycare center replaces a long-lasting temporary solution within a former apartment building. The daycare center contains five daycare groups with in total 105 children. Vorrink-Wagner Architekten, a local architectural office, realized a two-story building with a glazed façade orientated east and west to an inner courtyard. The courtyard serves as a playground. The building shell is kept closed with minimal openings to the north and west, creating a feeling of protection from the outside world but also completing the urban building structure to its borders. The south and south-east extensive glazed façade guarantees solar energy entries in winter. Outside adjustable screens protect from solar radiation and overheat in summers. Special colored opaque door elements provide access to courtyard even in second floor, the access here is provide by an arcade. The main entrance and circulation areas are located in the north. All of the building's open areas and ground-floor rooms are fully wheelchair-accessible, and an elevator provides barrier-free access to the upper floor. The pedagogical principals follow an open concept with special subject areas or rooms like ateliers, workshoprooms, theater-rooms, library, a “snoezelen room.” The concepts contain a free choose of the activities.

Project type

New build

Project scale

individual building

Ownership type


Building type and size

kindergarten | day care

Treated Floor Area according to PHPP


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