Project downloads


Here you can download various project outcomes and public deliverables.



Final report (pdf)



Distilling success models

Hanover success model (pdf)

Tyrol success model (pdf)

Brussels success model (pdf)

Outcomes of study tours and international workshops (pdf)

Cooperation Agreement Template (pdf)

Long term capacity building agreement template (pdf)

Long term capacity building - signed MOUs and template (pdf)

Monitoring and evaluation report (pdf)

Success Guide (pdf)

View the Success Guide electronically




Brochure of beacons (pdf)

Beacon specific experiences lessons learnt (pdf)




Long list of solutions (pdf)

Solutions Open Source platform (web link)

Map of missing links (pdf)

Advisory report (pdf)

Applicable and enhanced solutions for specific regions (pdf)

Evaluation and report of in-depth interviews (pdf)



Quality assurance and capacity building

List of trainers

Component Criteria (link)

Component guideline clickable map (web link)

Climate data report (pdf)

Climate data appendix (pdf)

Adapted boundary conditions report (pdf)

Monitoring report (pdf)



Info material

PassREg pamphlet (web link)

PassREg presentation (web link)

PassREg poster (web link)

2014 Passive House Award Poster Exhibition (web link)

Passive House Region Exhibition (web link)

Press releases (web link)

Newsletters (web link)

Passipedia articles (web link)

PassREg Brochure: Defining the Nearly Zero Energy Building (web link)

Latvian Passive House Web Platform (web link)

Intelligent Energy Europe
Passive House Regions with Renewable Energies
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