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All buildings are constructed in a certain place and at a certain time. This may sound obvious, but it means that each project is subject to a particular set of laws and may draw upon a certain variety of opportunities in fields as varied as financing, policy, available technologies and general public awareness. The set of factors that influence any building project, taken together, can be called a model.

Indeed, no project can be built outside of a model and every locality has one - yet some are certainly more successful than others. The PassREg regions include front runners, or regions in which PassREg concepts are already being successfully implemented as well as numerous regions that are not so advanced, known in the project as aspiring regions.


PassREg takes a critical look the successful models employed by front runner regions, identifying the stakeholders involved, evaluating the driving factors and collecting appropriate solutions that might be applicable in other urban and economic contexts. In turn, the opportunities and existing barriers to the introduction and implementation of PassREg concepts in aspiring regions will be examined. Through PassREg, the wealth of knowledge that arises from this examination of the regions' models as well as through the case studies of buildings in each region, known as beacon projects, will help aspiring regions to shape success models of their own and front runners to optimise what they already have.


This knowledge is being made available through the Solutions Open Source, Passipedia, and the Success Guide.


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