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Beacon project:

Avenue des Familles

Brussels, Brussels Capital Region, BE (Front Runner region), Belgium
Contact Moreno-Vacca, Sebastian






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General description

12 apartments ,1 373 m² The client city wanted a very exemplary development. It integrates renewable energy. It has been selected in the “exemplary buildings” “BatEx” tender call of the Region; means low price and simple solutions, affordable and reproductive, high architecture design. Interesting points: - The project is one of the “exemplary building” policy in Brussels region, Included monitoring, knowledge transfer, PR support by region and municipality, etc - The total primary energy for apartments is less than 45 kWh/m².yr - Status: … - The project is supplied by RES It demonstrate how NZEB buildings are becoming mainstream in Brussels

Project type

New build

Project scale

urban neighbourhood

Ownership type


Building type and size

apartment house

Treated Floor Area according to PHPP


Energy efficiency and use of renewables

passivehouse + renewables, Ep < 45 kW/m².a + monitoring

Intelligent Energy Europe
Passive House Regions with Renewable Energies
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