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Leaf House

60030 Ancona - Angeli di Rosora, Region of Marche, IT (Aspiring region) , Italy
Contact Pietrobon, Marco

Leaf House, Loccioni Group






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General description

The building is an apartments block with 6 dwellings. It represents one of the very first examples of nZEB in Italy, with high thermal insulation of envelope, solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, ground heat exchangers and heat pump. All the main suitable solutions for nZEBs are well adopted and integrated in this building. It’s already monitored for energy and comfort performances.

Project type

New build

Project scale

individual building

Ownership type


Building type and size

apartment house

Treated Floor Area according to PHPP


Energy efficiency and use of renewables

The building presents a good thermal insulation level of the envelope, for instance the external walls have a thermal transmittance of 0,15 W/(m2K), the windows considering glazed and frame areas have an average thermal transmittance of 1,1 W/(m2K) and great care was taken to minimize thermal bridges with interesting details of thermal cut for balconies and good thermal insulation of rolling shutters boxes. An earth to air heat exchanger pre-conditions renewal air for the installed mechanical ventilation system, which is demand-controlled basing on the installed sensors for indoor CO2 concentration, air temperature and relative humidity and with switches related to windows opening. Renewable solar systems are integrated in the building roof and façade and south-oriented. Particularly we can see a solar thermal system, with 7 collectors of 2,7 m2 each (total surface of about 19 m2), and a photovoltaic system, with a total surface of 150 m2 with a total pick peak power of produced electrical energy of 20 kWp. A reversible geothermal heat pump with 3 vertical borehole heat exchangers (95 m depth each) and 2 heat storage tanks for heating and domestic hot water are installed. The system is completed also with a back up gas condensing boiler. When water temperature in the installed borehole heat exchangers allow, also free cooling is possible, without using the reversible heat pump and saving the electrical energy for this. The photovoltaic systems and the reversible heat pump can be managed to obtained optimal integration of electrical energy demand and production in situ. A comprehensive building management system is installed for functions controls and performance monitoring. Energy efficiency measures to reduce also energy uses for artificial lighting and electrical appliances are adopted, as solar tubes for daylighting, high energy efficiency light sources and electrical appliances, stand-by consumption cut off. --> Project team: Loccioni Group (www.loccioni.com)


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