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Generatiewooncomplex Landgoed Oosterhout

4902 ZP Oosterhout, Municipality of Nijmegen, NL (Aspiring region) , Netherlands
Contact Rose, Clarence

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K1, K2, K3 three Passive Houses nearly finished - Photo: Azimut Bouwbureau
K3 - Photo: Azimut Bouwbureau
The sunscreen-detail for easy maintenance - source: EGT/VDM/Azimut Bouwbureau
The groundplan of the ensemble - source: P.Wagter/Azimut Bouwbureau
Lean planning - Photo: Azimut Bouwbureau
Foundation detail - Photo: Azimut Bouwbureau






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General description

GWLO is an ensemble of three passive single family houses and three clustered low energy houses where families of different ages/generations live in together. The houses are luxurious designed but completely thermal self-supporting with wood chips from the property in a central stove. The project is set up as an example for the region, because it: • is one of the first NZEB’s in the region based on Passive House design • is initiated by private clients who are committed to share lessons learned • shows how to build a lifecycle resistant NZEB • uses biomass and solar energy from the private property of the dwellings as a source of renewable energy

Project type

New build

Project scale

street development

Ownership type

privately owned

Building type and size


Treated Floor Area according to PHPP


Energy efficiency and use of renewables

Two detached houses and one single family house combined with an office and a communal space are built as passive houses, three attached smaller dwellings just mis the standard due to unprofitable orientation and compactness. A central communal wood-chip- stove provides heat for heating and hot water-supply to all houses. Most indoor-climate- and building-functions such as sun- and rain protection and intrusion-protection are domotica-controlled. The construction-elements of one house are equipped with sensors to monitor temperature-courses and also groundwater-level is monitored.

Gross construction costs

1100,- (est.) (EUR/m² of Treated Floor Area)

Gross building strucutre + technical service costs

1300,-(est.) (EUR/m² of Treated Floor Area)

Passive house database

Find this project at www.passivehouse-database.org


Factsheet Generatie Wooncomplex Landgoed Oosterhout_EN.pdf - Factsheet

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