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Retrofit apartment house

30167 Hannover, City of Hanover, DE (Front Runner region) , Germany
Contact Wohlfahrt, Matthias

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Stiebel Eltron GmbH & Co.KG






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General description

During the "chaos days" of the mid-90s, the plundering of a supermarket within it brought the building a sad kind of fame. Its combination of completely outdated building technology, unattractive apartment layouts, high energy costs, and lack of comfort drove would-be renters away, and the building fell into ever-greater disrepair. After the renovation work, the building is hardly recognizable anymore. Intelligent planning made it possible to expand its total living space and usable area from 1,709 to 2,100 square meters. For example, the roof was converted into an attractive additional story of living space. The building's post-modernization heating energy needs are just 15 kWh/(m2a) – around 70 percent under current standards for new constructions. This reduction was achieved with the help of top-quality insulation, minimization of heat bridges, improved airtightness of the building shell, and the incorporation of highly efficient ventilation equipment with heat recovery. Passivhaus building standards create ideal conditions in which to use two efficient heat pumps as heat supply sources. But that is not all the building's roof has a photovoltaic system with a total of 110 modules, which generates almost as much electricity as the heat pumps require. The property was extremely well-received on the rental market: new renters can now be found for vacated apartments within a very short amount of time. The building's operating costs total just 54 percent of the averages calculated by the German Renter's Association. Energy price increases have a negligible influence on total rent prices.

Project type


Project scale

urban neighbourhood

Ownership type

privately owned

Building type and size

apartment house

Treated Floor Area according to PHPP


Energy efficiency and use of renewables

Groundcoupled heatpump 13 kW (heating) 22 kW (DHW) with Borehole heat exchangers. 110 modules PV, which generates almost as much electricity as the heat pumps require.

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