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Beacon project:

Kindergarten “Sun”

5300 Gabrovo, Other associated region, Bulgaria
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Visualization, EnEffect, Iglika Lutzkanova
Visualization, EnEffect, Iglika Lutzkanova
Visualization, EnEffect, Iglika Lutzkanova




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General description

The first and only public building in PH standard for the moment. As the very first of its kind – and not only in the region of Gabrovo – the project is drawing the attention of many of the professionals.

Project type

New build

Project scale

individual building

Ownership type


Building type and size

kindergarten | day care

Treated Floor Area according to PHPP


Energy efficiency and use of renewables

The concept of the project is to cover Energy Class “A” for net energy demand according to the Bulgarian and at the same time following the concept and complying to the Passive House standards for provision of all-season comfort at minimum exploitation costs. According to PHPP calculation, the building has an energy heating demand of 15,47 kWh/m2a. The small amount of additional energy for heating will be provided by district heating. The comfort will be assured by floor heating and highly efficient ventilation with heat recuperation. Solarpannels with selective collectors will also be used for hot water. The municipality intends to provide monitoring of the building after commissioning. The results will be compared with the results of the other local kinder garden of the same size, built on the level of the national regulations. The execution of this building project is a part of the “DIRECTIONS – Provision of social and educational consulting and integration in the communities” under Grant Agreement with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy through a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. As the very first of its kind – and not only in the region of Gabrovo – the project is drawing the attention of many of the professionals. The construction is performed by a company which is in close contact with the designers in order to avoid major mistakes in the execution of the construction works. The process is followed by the municipal experts related to construction, engineering, architecture and city planning. Trainers from Technical University – Gabrovo and the local Vocational High School of Architecture and Construction took part in the train the trainer course for Certified Passive House Tradesperson Course conducted by Passive House Institute in Sofia in June 2013 in the framework of PassREg project. Future on-site trainings and study visits, especially for students from the Vocational High Schools, are planned along with other capacity building events. The project was communicated as the most ambitious undertaking of the municipality during the recent event marking the end of the project for energy renovation of 14 educational establishments in the city. Specific info sessions are planned onsite with the support of the PassREg project, in addition to regular communication initiatives by the Municipality. “Sun” kindergarten is also presented at many conferences and events with the participation of EnEffect and the Municipal Energy Efficiency Network EcoEnergy. Using the positive experiences from this partnerships, Gabrovo Municipality is also joining the EU initiative Covenant of Mayors, which will further support its communication activities.

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Plans and sections.pdf -
Plans and sections.pdf - Plan and Sections, EnEffect, Iglika Lutzkanova

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