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Memorial Ahlem with Museum

30453 Hannover-Ahlem, City of Hanover, DE (Front Runner region) , Germany
Contact Wohlfahrt, Matthias

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General description

The project of Region of Hanover has a long but “dark” history: “The Israeli horticultural school Ahlem was founded in 1893. It represented a part of German-Jewish culture and history from times before the Holocaust that had supraregional importance for all Jews in Germany and beyond. In the time of National Socialism, Ahlem functioned as a collecting point of the Jews from the districts of Hanover and Hildesheim who were to be transported to the Ghettos and extermination camps of the East. It was the central location for the deportation of Jews from southern Lower Saxony. In the last stage of the Nazi regime the Gestapo established their own prison in the main building of the former horticultural school. The so called police backup prison resembled a little concentration camp rather than a conventional prison. First the prison took hold of forced labour workers only, but later on the Gestapo used it for all sort of prisoners, who were often cruelly abused.” (source: www.erinnerungundzukunft.de) Architectural concept: With the redevelopment a new documentation concept will installed. Therefore the existing building (director's house) is planned to combine with a new entrée building. The Memorial Center Ahlem will open in spring 2015. The old directors house of the Israeli horticultural school Ahlem will be modernised with passive house components (new windows, inner insulation, ventilation system with heat recovery). The old building is listed, thus a reasonable modernisation concept is needed. The new entrée building with exhibition hall will be built in passive house standard. The heating concept includes dictrict heating from a local CHP-plant.

Project type

New build and Retrofit

Project scale

individual building

Ownership type


Building type and size

public building | church

Treated Floor Area according to PHPP

approx. 1400m²


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