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41005 SEVILLA, Other associated region, Spain
Contact Castaño Salvador, Juan Manuel

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Juan Manuel Castaño
Juan Manuel Castaño / PatioHaus
Juan Manuel Castaño / PatioHaus
Juan Manuel Castaño / PatioHaus
Juan Manuel Castaño / PatioHaus
Juan Manuel Castaño / PatioHaus






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General description

This is a contemporary approach, of a traditional in between neighbours andalousian “patio” house. Among the PH strategies, the patio is the climatic “heart” of the house, it has a glass motoriced roof, that is closed in winter creating a greenhouse effect, and open in summer creating the traditional cold well effect. The house uses also the support in the roof and in the patio of evaporative cooling, troughout plants, roof pool, and a “window fountain” in the patio. The PHPP calculations results are in accordance with the tradicional experience: This kind of shadowed patio houses in between neighbours are fresh, even in Sevilla, as the heating demand in winter is bigger than the cooling demand in summer. ARCHITECT: JUAN MANUEL CASTAÑO SALVADOR / QUANTITY SURVEYOR: JUAN MANUEL CASTAÑO REYES / STATIC ENGINEER: CALCONSA – ALEJANDRO MORAL / FACILITIES: JUAN MANUEL CASTAÑO SALVADOR / COLLABORATION ARCHITECT: JOSE ANTONIO PLAZA - PAULA C. GARCÍA CARRASCO / PHPP CALCULATIONS: JUAN MANUEL CASTANO + MICHEEL WASSOUF /

Project type

New build

Project scale

individual building

Ownership type

privately owned

Building type and size

terraced house

Treated Floor Area according to PHPP


Gross construction costs

840 (EUR/m² of Treated Floor Area)

Gross building strucutre + technical service costs

770 (EUR/m² of Treated Floor Area)

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