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Beacon project:

Casa Light

25017 Lonato del Garda, Other associated region, Italy
Contact Pietrobon, Marco

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General description

The purpose was to build social housing zero energy buildings with low cost of construction, maintenance, low energy bills and high thermal comfort during all the year.

Project type

New build

Project scale

individual building

Ownership type

social housing

Building type and size

multi family dwelling

Treated Floor Area according to PHPP


Energy efficiency and use of renewables

This is the first multy family passive house building in Italy. Also is the first social hosing passive house in Northern Italy.It was built with low economical effort and is very likely to be reproduced in all the Country. This building demonstrates that is possible to built passive houses with not much extra‐cost. Renewable energy systems are integrated on the roof with solar photovoltaic panels grid-connected which partially cover the electrical energy demand of the heat pumps installed. Interesting balconies structure and integrated movable external solar shading were installed. Decentralized mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery is installed with a ventilation machine for each apartment while the distribution system to bring in fresh air from outdoor and out the exhaust air is put in place in the common spaces of the stairs. --> Project team: Angiolino Imperadori – Giovanni Ziletti – Sergio Rossi – Alessandro Ziletti

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