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Beacon project:

Scuola Raldon

37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto, Other associated region, Italy
Contact Pietrobon, Marco

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General description

The project is an interesting school building passive house certified. The Municipality of San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona) ordered and holds the building. High thermal insulation level of the building envelope is completed by external movable solar blinds and a decentralized mechanical ventilation system with heat recover well integrated in windows and façade components. This offers high aesthetic quality and high potential in control of indoor air quality and energy saving related to the ventilation. A building management system allows for comprehensive automatic control of ventilation system, solar shading devices and other functions.

Project type

New build

Project scale

individual building

Ownership type


Building type and size

school | campus | university

Treated Floor Area according to PHPP


Energy efficiency and use of renewables

The building presents a good thermal insulation level of the envelope typical for passive houses, for instance the main external walls components have a thermal transmittance of 0,152 - 0,217 W/(m2K). Interesting partially pre-built concrete components with well-integrated thermal insulation were used, with benefits in the construction works duration. The windows considering glazed and frame areas have an average thermal transmittance of 0,748 W/(m2K). The installation of high quality windows with large surfaces allows the optimal use of day-lighting in classroom where pupils have lectures and all school activities. The well thermal insulated roof reaches a thermal transmittance value of 0,116 W/(m2K). The thermal transmittance of the basement is equal to 0,148 W/(m2K). Movable external solar shading blinds allows the optimal use of solar gains during the all year, providing also control for thermal and lighting control, for instance avoiding glare due to excessive daylighting and direct view of the sun. Decentralized mechanical ventilation system with heat recover is well-integrated in windows and façade components. Each classroom is equipped with own mechanical ventilation devices with heat recovery. Passivhaus certified components were installed with effective heat recovery efficiency of 81%. An high efficiency condensing boiler with thermal power of 23,9 kW was installed to serve the low-temperature heating system consisting in heating radiant panels in the walls of classroom and heating radiant floor in the conference room of the school. A low thermal power is needed to guarantee indoor thermal comfort conditions. The project consider the predisposition for a possible future installation of solar photovoltaic panels integrated in buildings entrance or roof. --> Project team: Michael Tribus Architecture (www.michaeltribus.com)

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