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Beacon project:

Mediterranean passive house project in Portobello di Gallura

07020 Aglientu, Other associated region, Italy
Contact Pietrobon, Marco



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General description

The project is a private house, located in the residential Park of Portobello di Gallura, Comune di Aglientu (OT) 41°07’20” N 09°01’45” E, in the north west of Sardinia at about 50 meters linear distance from the seaside. The plot of land is on a slope and, quite typical for Sardinia, composed of granite rock with low Mediterranean vegetation (Mediterranean spot). Due to the strong wind and the narrow shape of the land on a slope, the three levels of the house develops on three different angles each, in order to follow the course of the landscape. This articulated volume also creates two different external areas, each one protected from different winds. The “wings” of the building are made out of locally sourced granite (or potentially plastered brick) for the wall as well as cotto tiles for the roof. The central volume, where there is an open space living room with a fireplace, has the north and south front entirely made out of glass. On the south side of it, there is a pergola intended to create shade in the summer and leave sunlight to pass in the winter. --------> Project team: Arch. Patrizia Attanasi and eERG - end-use Efficiency Research Group of POLITECNICO DI MILANO (www.eerg.it)

Project type

New build

Project scale

individual building

Ownership type

privately owned

Building type and size

detached single family house

Treated Floor Area according to PHPP


Energy efficiency and use of renewables

The use of local and typical materials guarantee a high level of integration in the pleasant landscape of Portobello di Gallura in the Municipality of Aglientu. These aspects are completed with and high level of thermal insulation of the building components, at values typical for a passive house buildings. Also thanks to the adoption of local traditional materials, as stones and cotto element, and by means of adequate design choices, the building envelope offers also the right level of effective thermal mass for high energy and comfort performance also during the cooling periods. The windy climate and the temperatures differences between day and night periods will be valorized via natural ventilation and mechanical free cooling when necessary. The southern pitch of the central volume is entirely used to gain photovoltaic energy with solar panels which are integrated in the architecture instead of roof tiles. Underneath the structure are radiating panels, for cooling purposes. The northern pitch is out of glass with an inside roll curtain to well control daylighting and glare and an adequate outside solar shading components, which will be movable and resistant to the speed of wind typical of the region. The energy system consists of photovoltaic panels to gain electricity, an high efficiency heat pump to obtain warm water as well as for heating and refreshing the air. Installation of ceiling radiating panels for cooling will be evaluated as possible high-temperature cooling system to cover eventual cooling peak demand. A mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery will serve all rooms of the building. Movable external elements providing shade such shutters or special curtains will be required for the glazed components, in order to optimize the use of solar gains during the whole year.

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