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Retrofit apartment houses - Quellengrund

30453 Hannover, City of Hanover, DE (Front Runner region) , Germany
Contact Wohlfahrt, Matthias

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(c) bauart architekten F. Birth
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General description

The existing structure contained 14 apartments, two of which were on the top floor next to an unheated attic. A comprehensive modernization was done using Passivhaus components in order to make the apartments more comfortable while also lowering renters' energy costs. Reducing heat bridging was given special attention. The old continuous balconies, which were creating cold and moisture-prone ceiling areas, were removed and replaced with large balcony towers in front of the facade. Due to their outdated technological condition, the top-floor apartments were dismantled as part of the modernization. Instead, the entire top floor is now used as an unheated drying loft. The top floor ceiling is insulated from above to Passivhaus standards. The stairwell walls adjacent to the unheated basement and attic areas have also been "dressed" for the weather; now, the stairwell is a warm area located entirely within the insulated building shell. The new central heating system, which uses a condensing gas boiler, is housed in the basement. The walls separating the heating room from the unheated basement area are insulated, as are the exterior underground walls. The apartments are heated using the heaters already in place. The entire heating network is equilibrated hydraulically.

Project type


Project scale

urban neighbourhood

Ownership type

social housing

Building type and size

apartment house

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