Press Release: 26 May 2015

New architecture book presents "Passive House Award" winners

Documentation of the competition also available as travelling exhibition

Passive House Award Book Cover Darmstadt, Germany. A new book showcasing the winners and finalists of the Passive House Award shows that energy efficient construction is not only profitable, it is also an enrichment for architecture. The book is available in a bound version as well as in digital form as an online flipbook. In addition, all of the award-winning buildings in the international competition in 2014 are presented in a poster exhibition. Press Release


Press Release: 30 April 2015

Final Workshop held at International Passive House Conference

Passive + renewables: project's end brings together partners and EU leaders


Leipzig, Germany. The PassREg project, which was co-funded by the EU was completed at the end of April. Its objective was to encourage cities, municipalities and entire regions to implement today the Passive House + renewables as their approach for the NZEBs (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings = low energy buildings) required by the EU from 1.1.2021, in their capacity as local pioneers. This provision will already apply from 1.1.2019 in the case of public buildings.

Press Release


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Press Release: 28 April 2015

Now available: open online database on energy-neutral construction

Documentation of the competition also available as travelling exhibition

PassREg SOS Darmstadt, Germany.


The collective knowledge from a variety of European regions on nearly zero energy construction can now be found on an online database. This tool is one of the results of 'PassREg', an EU-project for the roll-out of Passive House technology and renewable energy supply. Thanks to the open source nature of the database, every user can contribute new information in the field of energy neutral construction and retrofit. Press Release

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Press Release: 26 February 2015

Passive House Conference with many offers for municipalities

Results of EU funded project PassREg to be presented as part of the programme

International  Passive House Conference Darmstadt. The success of the energy revolution will largely be decided at the local level. The building sector is especially important here because this is where a third of the total energy is consumed. Opportunities for greater efficiency in cities and municipalities will be one of the main topics at the International Passive House Conference, which will take place from 17 to 18 April in Leipzig. Municipal representatives will be able to attend lectures addressing their specific needs. Speakers from many European countries will also present the results of the EU funded project PassREg (Passive House Regions with Renewable Energies). Press Release

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Passive House Regions with Renewable Energies
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