Component Criteria


Component criteria

Reliable, climate-dependent components are key to a successful energy-efficient building: If the element performs as expected, huge energy savings can be achieved year by year. For every component, efficiency criteria defined by the Passive House Institute were developed with PassREg for various climate zones. Those criteria will help you to specify, choose and find high-quality components. Their influence on the overall energy balance of a building can be seen and verified already at the design stage, with the PHPP tool. Certified Passive House/EnerPHit components are regularly incorporated and updated in PHPP.

Climate-dependent component criteria

The official component certification criteria are published in German and English language by the Passive House Institute on Translations may be of use for your local promotion of certifying components and for information:


Transparent Components EN | NL | BG | FR | HR | LV | DE | IT |

Opaque Components EN | DE

Testing Requirements split air conditioning units EN

Testing Requirements Ventilation supplement frost protection EN | DE



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