Regional roadmaps


It is clear that empowering local and regional authorities along with the active involvement of local policy makers is crucial for the actual introduction of the nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB) concept based on the Passive House Standard in European design and construction practices. During the first two years of PassREg, the involvement of decision makers at the highest political levels was specifically targeted in the regions listed below - an approach that has already led to tangible results.


Political will, the availability of financial incentives, shining examples of best practice and training opportunities for professionals have shown themselves to be clear keys to success in front runner regions such as Brussels (Belgium), Hanover (Germany), and Tyrol (Austria). Transferring these lessons to aspiring regions and putting them into practice is the next step.


Each of the aspiring regions below has committed to formulating a road map, outlining how Passive House plus renewables will be promoted regionally as the basis for NZEBs over the next years on the basis of the lessons learned from front runner regions, adapted to the local conditions and potentials. What follows are brief descriptions of the beginnings of these roadmaps.


Antwerp (Belgium)

Burgas (Bulgaria)

Wales (UK)

Aquitaine (France)

Cesena (Italy)

Zargreb (Croatia)

Arnhem-Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Vidzeme and Latgale (Latvia)




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