Integrating renewable energies

In a Passive House building, efficiency clearly comes first, and with good reason. Efficiency stands as an unproblematic “source” of energy since energy that isn’t used in the first place doesn’t need to be generated. Reducing our overall energy consumption will allow us to use the sources available in a sustainable and affordable way while curbing the impact of energy price hikes and safeguarding social, economic, and environmental welfare.


Passive Houses use 90% less heating energy compared with average buildings and thus make many of the sustainable energy supply solutions economically viable. See examples of how Passive Houses can be supplied sustainably with renewable energy sources.


Wind energy

Photo: janie.hernandez55 via flickr

Solar energy

Photo: Mountain/ Ash via flickr


Photo: Christian Schnettelker via flickr

Near surface geothermal

Photo: Dave Pape via flickr

Deep geothermal

Photo: Lydur Skulason via flickr










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Passive House Regions with Renewable Energies
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